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About Us

Julia Benben
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I love to start stuff.


I'm a serial entrepreneur and enjoy working with other entrepreneurs and inventors to turn viable ideas into finished, marketable products.

My passion lies in giving the product a voice to tell the customer what it is, what it does, and all the wonderful ways it solves a problem and makes their lives better. 


Over the past 25 years, I have been fortunate to be part of starting, running, and selling several companies' as well as creating and working with ongoing successful brands and products.

I now work with my talented business partner Doug Homer to help organize and formulate product ideas, from initial concept to polished, sellable product. We collaborate with partners in China, the UK, the US, and Canada. It is our goal to continue to advance global design and ideation.

Areas of Focus:

• Ideation and product concept development 

• Product positioning and messaging 

• Product sourcing, costing and pricing 

• Advertising concept and execution- Social, PPC  as well as 

• Launching products via crowdfunding platforms; Kickstarter Indiegogo 

• Selling concept to buyers via product presentation 

• Project management and launches (digital and physical) 

• Business and selling platform set up; Shopify, Amazon, Etsy & Ebay

Doug IMG_8616_JPG.webp
Douglas Homer

Lots of fun stuff here!

More is more. 

I have amassed over 45 years of creative strategy, concept, and design direction experience... from branding for major consumer products companies to product design/development and packaging for international retail sales. 

The ongoing personal work I've done in contemporary furniture design has been met with worldwide acclaim.

My passion is for developing fresh concepts and creating targeted visual executions that attract attention but, more importantly, deliver the desired results.


Areas of Focus:

• Ideation

• Clear Design Thinking Across All Disciplines

• Identity Development and Consistent Messaging (Branding)

• User Experience/Interaction Design

• Developing, Building and Growing Innovative Businesses



Unique Branding Strategies, Head-turning Graphic Designs, Fresh Advertising/Promotion Concepts, and Executions, Innovative Product Designs & Crowd-gathering Trade Show Presentations.

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